Witchy Weavings


My name is Femke, I am a witch, and together with my crow Odin, I will be your host.

Step within Witchy Weavings' lair,

Find crafted wonders, wrought with care.

Enchantments woven, thread by thread,

Treasures await where knowledge is spread.


Merry meet. Please stay a while, and listen. For all that pass through here I weave threads, spells and tales.

Crafting things helps me think, and thinking makes me want to craft things. You bring me questions, and I trade you knowledge.

I am currently training to become a priestess with the Crone of Avebury and Layla Green

You can also come to one of our rituals to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year with us.

Questions or requests, ask the universe.